Why Exclusive Buyer Agency?


  1. You deserve professional, experience based guidance in the real estate acquisition process. I have an extensive background in northern Michigan real estate being licensed since 1989 and a broker since 1992. I represent Buyers only and never take listings. That means “Exclusive Buyer Agency”, period!
  2. The traditionalist real estate model is seller’s agent representing seller. Seller’s agents do not work for or with buyers…EVER! Seller’s agents have sellers sign an “Exclusive Right to Sell” listing agreement when listing their property (Remember, you don’t have to sign one of those). They are contractually bound to represent the best interests of the SELLER ONLY!
  3. Any real estate brokerage which takes listings (traditionalist real estate model) cannot ethically claim to represent (work for or with) buyers. But they do. They will tell you they are experts in “dual agency”. Ask them if their attorney practices dual agency.
  4. My services include initial consultation with you to identify prospective properties to buy. I then review the properties, research applicable market data, seek to discover the seller’s motivation for selling (pending foreclosure, estate settlement, divorce, relocation, etc.), determine an appropriate price range, develop an agreement to purchase and guide you through the negotiation  process right to the closing table.
  5. Don’t make what may be one of the biggest investments of your life without the professional, experience based guidance that you deserve. I will save you both time and money and de-stress the buying process. Contact me today and “Let the BUYING begin!”
  6. Remember: I’ll write you a check for 60% of the Buyers Agent commission at closing. After all, the commission paid to the seller and buyer agents is built into the listing price so you as the buyer are actually paying the commission. I pay you to let me help you save money when buying a home. No other buyer agents offer that!